Albert Ambrose

Albert Amrose could serenade you on the piano or the guitar. Singing in English or Spanish. Rather than picking a language he weaves gracefully between the two. Why pick one when you love both? As an up and coming musician in Miami, Ambrose caught a monster wave when he starred on MTV’s Catfish. He has ridden it all the way, using the attention to grow his fan base and capitalize on what he loves, making music.

In addition to songwriting, producing, recording and performing Ambrose has taken on a few projects in front of the camera that will be coming out in the near future. He stopped by and gave us the scoop.

Photo by: Mario Barberio Hair & Makeup by: Courtney Tyne

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Albert: A big unhealthy pizza from Papa John’s.

What’s toppings?

Albert: Probably Supreme. Just go crazy. Get everything on it.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Albert: Black Mirror on Netflix. That’s my favorite, for sure.

What kind of music are you listening to right now?

Albert: I listen to all kinds of music. I’ve been listening to a lot of 1975 and Neighborhood. I like Latin pop music and I love urban, trap, Migos.  Whatever I’m in the mood for.

What is your guilty pleasure music?

Albert: Sad R&B songs. [laughs] Those I love.

It’s Friday night. Dress up and go out, or order in and cuddle up?

Albert: That depends who I’m with. I think if I’m with the right person, I’d stay in nine out of ten times. And then, you know, If it strikes, you go out and you go a little bit crazy. I like going out.

What’s your favorite cardio exercise?

Albert: Bike. Cycling, for sure.

Photo by: Mario Barberio Hair & Makeup by: Courtney Tyne

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be, and why?

Albert: I’d be a cheetah, ’cause they’re fast as hell. I like cheetahs. I like the cats.

What was the last gift that you gave someone?

Albert: A pair of AirPods. The little Apple wireless headphones.  I didn’t wanna see them gettin’ tangled up in the gym.

What would your autobiography be titled?

Albert: A Good Life. That’d be my hope.

If you could pick one song to play every time you walked into a room full of people, what would it be?

Albert: Secrets by The Weeknd. No doubt about it.

What is the motivation behind writing some English and some Spanish music?

Albert: I like to diversify. Spanish is my first language and my mom speaks Spanish.  I started testing it out and mixing them up, going back and forth. I think you reach a wider variety of people, and it hits that dance feel. Makes people feel good. It’s a passion, for sure. If it feels right do it.

Photo by: Mario Barberio Hair & Makeup by: Courtney Tyne

What would your best friend say is your best quality?

Albert: Loyalty. I’m a loyal person.

What would they say is your worst quality?

Albert: I can be too much of a perfectionist.  That can be a bad quality because it can make things take a little too long sometimes.

Who do you look up to?

Albert: I like the way Frank Sinatra lived his life. I grew up with my dad listening to Frank Sinatra all of the time. I’ve always heard his music. It reminds me of the holidays. I like the way he was stylish and did what he wanted. He was just a rock star in his own way. I think Frank Sinatra’s cool.

What inspired the pursuit of your career?

Albert: I think what inspires me a lot is seeing how fast things are coming out now. Seeing how cool technology is getting and we can do so much on our phones and cameras and studios at home. Just seeing the pace of the progression of it is pretty neat.

Where do you see your  career heading?

Albert: My career is a wide range. I’m an artist and songwriter. My primary love is music. I started producing last year and have become very passionate about it. I play piano and guitar.

I played my first movie role a couple of months ago and I loved it. I loved that process. I enjoy anything on screen and new challenges. I’m pretty much open to anything as long as it makes sense. If it’s fun I’ll do it.

If you could try out any other career, what would it be?

Albert: Interior designer.

Define success.

Albert: Success is being comfortable financially and being able to give back. Having an impact on people is important and just being able to go to sleep at night and still love yourself.

How has your experience as a public figure transformed you?

Albert: I have been humbled by it. It’s easy to do whatever you want, and post whenever you want when no one’s paying attention. What’s transformed is me trying to present myself a little better for kids in their early teens who may follow me and see what I’m doing. Trying to show them a positive message because there’s a lot of negativity out there.  I think it’s our responsibility to show the good side of things.

Photo by: Mario Barberio Hair & Makeup by: Courtney Tyne

Walk us through what it felt like the first time you stepped in studio and then what it felt like when you dropped your first song?

Albert:  I was nervous. I told the engineer, “Make sure I sound good.” He was like, “Make sure I sound good? You haven’t even done a word yet.” [laughs] I hadn’t even recorded yet. I was nervous, but the second I heard it back I thought it was great. Hearing it now, probably wasn’t that good. But in that moment I loved it. You get addicted to the feeling of showing someone something new that you’ve created and seeing how they feel about it. I hear it maybe five hundred times before it’s out and then someone hears it. So it’s cool to see that first impression.

What’s your favorite career moment to date?

Albert: The first time seeing the TV show. It was crazy because my music video was on MTV independently and that’s the dream when your growing up. So seeing your actual music video with that MTV logo in the bottom right corner was crazy. That left me very motivated.

What’s your most embarrassing career moment?

Albert: I was on a college tour with Asher Roth and we were playing FSU. It was at Potbelly’s which is a very frat oriented place and the mic gave out within the first three minutes. So I grab the DJ’s mic and finish it. I was just an intense crowd to have a technical failure in front of. I fixed it quick.

What’s one tough lessons you’ve learned in life? 

Albert: Seeing family go. My father passed when I was younger. My grandmother, shortly after that. I saw very real things, young. And it sort of made me look at life in a different manner. I was more about building really young. That’s what I craved. I wanted what I lacked. I wanted to always build and create a new product.

It’s easy to get lost in that and forget about seeing your family, or hanging out with your friends and doing normal fun things because you get so addicted to the work. I’m trying to balance that now.

Photo by: Mario Barberio Hair & Makeup by: Courtney Tyne

Knowing what you know now and having had some of the experiences you’ve had, what advice would you go back and to your younger self?

Albert: To be patient. I think it’s so easy to rush when you want something so bad. Also, that you don’t have to please everyone. As long as you’re happy and you’re doing well by others and you’re honest, I think that’s about all the world can ask from you. Not everyone can be happy with you all of the time.

What advice would you give to anyone who aspires to do what you do?

Albert: Don’t stop and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not gonna happen because it will if you just keep pushing. Has to.

What are your goals for the future? 

Albert: My goals are to create as much quality product and content that I can and to impact the people who follow me in a good way.  I want to give back to the world for sure.

Anything you’d like to go OnRCRD about?

Albert: Yeah. One huge misconception is that I’m still in a boy band. I’m not. The group has broken up and now I’m solo and happy. Also, no offense to her, the girl I did the show with, we’re not together. Those are two things that always come up. I think people just see it and they think it’s real.  I’m very happy. It’s a crazy world but it’s okay to be yourself and care about yourself and don’t obsess over the things that don’t matter. It’s not about other people, it’s about your happiness and your well-being. Do what you love because life’s short. Do what you like every day.

Also, I’ll be having a lot of music coming out in 2018. It takes time but it’ll be worth it. It will be a solid project. I also have my first movie coming out. That’s just the beginning. Hopefully a lot more.


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