Amarr Wooten

Amarr Wooten is doing what he loves and taking it all in stride. Originally from Washington DC, he and his family travelled a long way to be able to make it all happen, but it would seem that it has worked out pretty well so far. An actor since age 3, at 17 he is now a veteran and currently stars as ‘Warwick’ on Nickelodeon’s new live-action comedy, “Knight Squad”, which airs Saturdays at 8:30pm. 

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Amarr where are you from?

Amarr: I’m from Washington DC.

What brought you to Los Angeles?

Amarr: Well, I’ve been acting since I was three years old. My mom and I traveled out here when I was 12 years old to try out acting in California.

What was your first professional acting gig?

Amarr: It was a crime reenactment on Court TV.

Do you like it better on the east coast or the west coast?

Amarr: It’s tough because I like the people on both coasts. The weather on the west coast is better by far, but the east coast is home for me.

Tell us about Knight Squad.

Amarr: It’s set in medieval times, and I play Warwick on the show. He’s a part of the Phoenix squad, and on the show, I guess you could say I’m a magical knight. In the fourth episode, my squad mates find out that I have magical powers. He can cast different spells; such as, pulling cakes out of paintings, which is hilarious. You can see it on Nickelodeon at 8:30 on Saturdays.

What is it like going to school and acting full time?

Amarr: School is a challenge in general, but being homeschooled and acting is tough for sure. Some of my friends are actors and still go to regular school, but I’m not that type of person.

What’s your favorite subject?

Amarr:  Well I do love PE but [chuckles] I like English, English is my thing.

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Career wise do you think there’s anything else you would like to try other than acting?

Amarr: Yes, there’s a bunch of things. I love the arts in general. Music is like a passion of mine. My mom and my dad, they both raised me around music, so It’s a part of me.

Any place you’d like to go that you haven’t been yet?

Amarr: I do want to go to Hawaii, any part of Europe, and the Bahamas.

What are your favorite three apps on your phone?

Amarr: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter.

What do you do to unwind?

Amarr: Play video games. Hang out with friends, go to the mall, play with my dog. You know, little stuff.

Are you into sports?

Amarr: Yes, I love basketball, soccer, football, tennis, and baseball.

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What’s your five year plan?

Amarr: I would see myself still just doing what I love. It’s not really about awards, achievements, for me, it’s basically just continue to do what I love and be around people that I love and people that love me. That’s basically where I see myself.

What is a cause you are passionate about?

Amarr: Not long ago, people were marching against gun violence back in my hometown, Washington DC. I was really proud of that, just seeing everyone come together for a cause. I was really proud of my city and everywhere else.

Is there anyone, living or dead, that you would love to share the screen with?

Amarr: I would love to dance on the big screen with Michael Jackson. That would be cool. Also I would like to work with Denzel Washington, Will Smith, The Rock, and Kevin Hart because they’re role models for me.

If you could create the ideal lineup for a music festival, who would be your top five?

Amarr: Beyoncé, you have to have Beyoncé. Cardi B is really big right now so you have to have her. Chris Brown, he’s one of my favorite artists along with Bruno Mars. I rock with Migos too.

What advice would you give to other young people trying to break into acting?

Amarr: My advice would be to just do it because you love it instead of doing it because everyone else is doing it or because you want to be famous. Reading is also a big part of acting and in life in general. You have to know how to read.

Anything else you want to go OnRCRD?

Amarr: I would like to thank my mom, my dad, my family and my friends. They’re my support system. Coming from DC and driving 3,000 miles to be here in Los Angeles, that’s something that I could’ve never done without any of those people, seriously. It’s been a crazy ride but it’s been worth it so far. It’s been fun.


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Photographer: Mario Barberio

Grooming: Kimberly Johnson