Eileen Sandoval

Eileen Sandoval spends hours helping people look beautiful, but it’s what’s behind the look that makes her truly stand out. Her approach in using make up to highlight and accent inner beauty is truly an art form. She has worked with people of all shapes, sizes and personalities to create looks for every type of event that you can think of. After years in front of the chair she has taken all of her learnings and used them to create and build a brand in honeybeileen.com

The site is home to blog posts, articles, videos and chat forums where anyone can come and get advice on how to achieve their desired look. Eileen went OnRCRD and told us all about herself, her brand and everything that went into getting it off of the ground.

Red Blazer: JPA  PR Showroom: Harper’s PR

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Eileen: I have a lot of favorite cheat meals. I cheat a lot. I eat a lot of spaghetti. I love spaghetti. It’s my favorite, but I the one thing that I try not to eat often and it definitely feels like a cheat meal is a Tomahawk Bone-In Ribeye from Mastro’s. Medium rare.

What’s your favorite form of cardio?

Eileen: Cardio isn’t really my favorite. Once in a great while I’ll go running with my dogs. I love barre classes and Pilates. I don’t know if that’s really cardio, but I love barre and Pilates.

What are your hobbies?

Eileen: I’m trying to learn how to play the piano. That’s one of my hobbies. When I have some free time I try to get on the piano. Although I haven’t incorporated my left hand yet. It’s mostly a right-hand thing so far. [chuckles]

What would your own personal music festival line up be?

Eileen: Now, this is gonna be crazy because I love all sorts of different music. It would be Mariah Carey, Metallica, Frank Sinatra, and maybe Lil Wayne.

What’s your go to karaoke song?

Eileen: Dream on by Aerosmith. I love that song. It gets me so pumped up. [laughs]

It’s Friday night are you dressing up and going out or staying in and cuddling up?

Eileen: I love cozy nights at home and chillin’ with my dogs, but I also really enjoy date nights, getting dressed up and going to dinner. So a little of both.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Eileen: I’m really into This Is Us. Like. I cry over every episode.  I also love Sex And The City and Seinfeld.

If you could do makeup on any person, past or present, who would it be?

Eileen:  Marilyn Monroe. She was so beautiful, and sexy, and fun, and elegant. It would have been very cool to have worked with her.

Wrap Blouse and Pant with lace trim: KALAYCI LONDON  Heels: Kamica Hampton   PR Showroom : Harper’s PR

How did your career start in makeup?

Eileen: One of my uncles is a makeup artist. Whenever I visited him, he had this amazing collection of books. I started to fall in love just looking at his stuff. He also had all of the Kevyn Aucoin books and he started teaching me makeup. I didn’t know at the time that I was going to make it into a career, but he definitely helped me appreciate makeup more.

I was in banking. It was one of those boring nine to five jobs, but I did it and I was always trying to do my best. I ended up getting laid off which is the best thing that ever happened to me because when I got laid off, I got the opportunity to start working with a photographer. And that’s kind of how it started. We started building a portfolio and I was like, “Wait a minute. I can get paid for doing this?” This is so fun. You’re on set. You’re making people look fabulous and I fell in love with it. Being on set made me fall in love with it. That’s how I kind of got started.

How has social media and modern technology affected your industry?

Eileen: Social media has definitely made things easier. Back in the day you had to build a portfolio. You would take pictures, get them printed, put them in a book and then would have to present it to somebody. The thought of that is really stressful. Social media created a platform for us to showcase our work.  I slowly started posting all of my work on there and it exposed me to more people and it’s been amazing. It’s a great opportunity for people in our industry who would probably never have the chance to be seen.

What does it take to grow a brand?

Eileen: As a woman who’s a little bit of an entrepreneur I have to believe in myself, love myself, be confident, and learn to not compare myself to other people. That’s what I want to bring t0 my blog and the community that I’m trying to build. Growing a brand takes passion and you have to absolutely love what you do. If you do all of the work that is required of you it won’t feel like work. You’ll enjoy every moment of it. Do it with everything that you have and that will bring you continued success.

You often spend hours putting a look together and it lasts a very limited amount of time. Is that frustrating?

Eileen:  The outcome when the makeup is done and if my client loves how she looks, that moment is the most priceless. When she says, “Oh. I love it.” That’s the best moment. Even if it’s only for an hour or two, it doesn’t matter because as long as she felt beautiful in the moment that she was wearing it, that’s the most important thing. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have been told that their makeup lasts into the next day. [laughs]

Gown Dress: Gorgeous Couture  Heels: Kamica Hampton   PR Showroom : Harper’s PR

How do you maintain a healthy self-image?

Eileen: Beauty obviously starts from within, which is really important. It’s really hard being in the beauty industry because it’s easy to compare yourself to other people, but if you love yourself, you’re a good person and you love life, it shines through in your personality. People are going to be drawn to you.

Do you see makeup as a tool that can be used to empower women? 

Eileen: Totally. Makeup is definitely something that could bring confidence into a woman’s life. When you get your hair done, it’s like, “Okay. I’m ready to conquer the world.” You feel put-together and have that boost in confidence. When your hair is done right and your makeup is on point you can go into any meeting or wherever you want and just kill it.

There are people who have had accidents or they have scars that may affect their confidence. Makeup can help them feel more like themselves.  I’ve seen amazing things be done with makeup. Things that can completely transform a women’s’ confidence.

How do you combat the toxic beauty standards that exist?

Eileen: I encourage people to  never compare themselves to anyone else. We all tend to compare ourselves to other people, and there’s these beautiful, gorgeous women on Instagram and you’re just like, “Oh my gosh, why don’t I look like that? You have to remember that you are comparing yourself to someone else’s highlight reel, and sometimes these pictures are extremely photoshopped.

People feel like, “I have to buy this or I have to buy that to look beautiful.” It’s like, “No, you don’t.” Find what works for you. I teach my clients and followers about makeup, their skin type and about what works for them.

You don’t need a makeup artists kit to look beautiful. It could be a couple of items used properly. Just because everyone else is using all of these other things doesn’t mean that you need to. The most important thing is to stop comparing ourselves to other people, and do what works for us and what makes us feel good.

Dress: Bianca and Bridgett   PR Showroom:Harper’s PR

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to do what you do?

Eileen: I would say be relentless in everything that you do. Do your best. Give everyone your best. Treat everyone the same way that you would like to be treated. Not one person is more important than the other. Do that and it will be recognized one day. People will appreciate it and opportunities will come.

Anything you want to go OnRCRD about?

Eileen: I wanna go on record and tell you guys I’m really excited for 2018. I have a lot of fun stuff coming. We’re filming Total Bellas, so make sure to follow Total Bellas and Total Divas to catch some of the action with my girls. I’m also very excited about my website honeybeileen.com. I’m building a beauty community for my followers, friends and family. It’s for women and even guys who need help with skincare and beauty. I want everyone to know that I have a community where you can come ask me anything. I’m excited to help people.


For more from Eileen check out her website and follow her on instagram.


Photographer: Mario Barberio

Makeup: Eileen Sandoval

Hair: Mitch Bonaldi

Wardrobe Stylist: Madison Dixon