Ian Verdun

Ian Verdun

Los Angeles native Ian Verdun is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts and the British American Drama Academy, and can be seen in Freeform’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Siren as “Xander McClure”.

Xander McClure is a small-town, salt-of-the-earth, deep sea fisherman. A native of Bristol Cove, he’s fiercely loyal and much smarter than people give him credit for. After witnessing something inexplicable in the open ocean, Xander finds himself embroiled in the bizarre events surrounding a mysterious young woman who comes to town, ultimately putting him on a dangerous path as he hunts for the truth.

Verdun’s past performances have been described as “brimming with grit and honesty” by Backstage, “quirkily charming” by Variety, and “finely nuanced” by LA Weekly. He has also been hailed by Stage Scene LA as the “brightest stage discovery of 2011”.

Ian continues to cut his teeth on the stages of New York and Los Angeles, along with writing and producing several plays himself. After appearing on ABC’s Last Resort, TNT’s Hawthorne and FOX’s Lucifer, Ian threw his energy into his own television creation, Life’s A Drag. Following years of experiencing the lackluster opportunities for diverse entertainers, Life’s A Drag went on to win a number of awards in the burgeoning web festival circuit, including a special award for recognition in diversity.



Ian Verdun

Ian Verdun is a fisherman. Well, maybe not literally but he plays one in his new show Siren. A role that he feels could serve as his big break into the acting world.…