If you have heard VASSY sing, which you more than likely have, you would be shocked to hear that someone might have ever had the nerve to say that she didn’t have the chops for a career in music. Well, someone did. Luckily for us she didn’t give up and today her voice compliments and dominates some of the most popular tracks in dance music.

VASSY in collaboration with Afrojack recently hit the number one spot on the Billboard Dance Club Charts with their track LOST  featuring Oliver Rosa.

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Where are you from?

VASSY: I was born and raised in Darwin, Australia.

What led you to the United States?

Vassy: I first knew I wanted to come to the US when I heard Billy Holiday’s song, Autumn in New York. I was about 15 and I started romanticizing the idea of moving to New York. I fell in love with the concept of pursuing my dreams and living in America.

At what point did you start singing?

VASSY: I started singing at a young age. I tried the school choir, but was kicked out and told that I didn’t have the chops. That I didn’t have what it takes. I was heavily discouraged from pursuing music throughout my teens. I started really singing when I was studying. I was pursuing a degree in Architecture. On the weekends, in the evenings, I would go into this live jam session with this jazz band down at a place called The Basement. That’s how I got discovered.

What was your first professional musical endeavor?

VASSY: I got discovered because I was performing at jazz nights in Sydney, Australia. At the time, I had written a song and it was the first time I was writing stuff. I didn’t really know I was a songwriter. I was just writing really. That was my only way to record. I recorded a song on the campus of the university. I went home to visit my family and a friend of mine had submitted that song to a national radio station for a competition.

I ended up winning the competition. I got Song of the Year and then I was flown to Melbourne to professionally record it. My very first live concert ever was performing in front of a few million people outside the Parliament House for Australia Day with Guy Sebastian and Marcia Hines. They’re very big, well-known artists in Australia.

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You’ve done a number of collaborations with various artists. Do you have a favorite?

VASSY: I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a lot of artists and I love that. I don’t know if I could say I have a favorite because every record is special and everyone brings something to it. I always love working with Tiësto. Not that we get to spend much time in studio, but anytime I’ve been on stage with him, I always have a lot of fun. I love performing with Afrojack on stage. I love collaborating with David Guetta. I got to spend time with him in the studio. Sultan and Shepard are awesome, very talented guys.

Is there a particular venue or show that sticks out?

VASSY: My favorite place to perform is Ultra in Miami. I just recently performed there with Afrojack.  I was also there a year ago with Tiësto. I would say that’s my favorite. I’ve performed at Tomorrow Land, which is a bigger crowd, but Ultra is great. The setting is my favorite. You’re facing waterfront to your left, skyscraper buildings in the back, and Miami good vibes all around. The crowd is mega international. It’s just awesome.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

VASSY: I like to sing rock and roll stuff like Guns N’ Roses or AC/DC, INXS. Australian rock bands. It’s fun because I never get to do stuff like that and we all get into it.

Is there anyone you have not collaborated with yet that’s on your bucket list?

VASSY: I have a lot of people on my bucket list that I want to collaborate with. It varies from Pink to Bono, Pharrell Williams, Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars. I would love to do a record with Camila. I think she’s dope. I’d like to do a record with Azaelia Banks. I like her. I’d like to do a record with Diplo. I’ve been talking about doing a song with him and Major Lazor. I don’t know, there’s so many people.

What are you working on currently?

VASSY: At the moment I am in and out of the studio. I have a new record out right now, Somebody New with Sultan and Shepard. I also have a few other records in the mix. A few things I can’t talk about just yet.

What is your favorite career moment to date?

VASSY: I want to say it was the day I found out I had my first number one on Billboard, but I have to say it was really when we found out a record that I wrote, Bad with David Guetta went platinum 14 times. That for me was huge because that’s a big deal to be able to get that.

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What is a cause that you care deeply about?

VASSY: A cause that I care deeply about would be Cancer awareness. It’s close to my heart, having lost my father to it. I also advocate for people with disabilities. These are areas that are close to me because of family members. I support so many causes. I like to give voice to them and try to increase awareness. The current women’s right movement that’s going on, I’m all for it. I’ve been fortunate to have a good experience with men who really admire and respect women and who act very honorable towards women. That’s been great but I think it’s really important to educate the youth, encourage them to speak out and to make sure that things are in check and that lines aren’t crossed.

If you could go back and give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

VASSY: I would have definitely started my career a lot sooner. I didn’t really have that choice. I would have not cut my hair because that took years to grow back. I would have not signed certain contracts. I probably wouldn’t have had certain relationships.

Is there anything else you’d like to go OnRCRD?

VASSY: Through my life I’ve faced many obstacles and I’ve been told that I don’t fit the box. I’ve experienced many rejections. I want to say to everyone out there who’s trying to pursue their path whatever it is, that rejections are simply redirections. When people always tell you, “You got to have a Plan B as a back up.” I’ve always told people I don’t have a plan B because I make Plan A work.

The other thing I would say is that you experience a lot and not just in business but sometimes in personal situations where people can project negativity and try to bring you down. They make you feel little or bad about yourself so that you don’t supersede them. Everyone has their own set of insecurities. Sometimes if you’re in a vulnerable place, you can believe these things. I would say that as soon as you detect negativity in any situation, immediately remove yourself from it, get away from it, run, run for the hills. As soon as you’re around positivity everything else falls into place and you can handle everything.


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Photographer – Mario Barberio

Makeup Artist – Kimberly Johnson 

Hair – Ruth Rivas 

Stylist – Madison Dixon